Dr Reshma Reddy

Swimming Benefits, Safety Precautions During Pregnancy

Catagory: Maternity  Author: Dr E Reshma Reddy


Staying active is especially crucial during pregnancy. Exercises that one is already comfortable with can be continued. Swimming and other water-based workouts are a terrific way to keep active when pregnant. Swimming and water exercises are both aerobic and muscle-strengthening.

Because the weight of the body is supported by water, this is a low-impact workout for the joints and ligaments. As a result, there is no weight on the knees and ankles, which is especially beneficial for people who are overweight or have joint difficulties.


Swimming is safe to do during pregnancy in all three trimesters. If you are used to swimming, 40 minutes each day, 4 to 7 days per week is sufficient. If you’re just starting off, you should take it gently and gradually.


Swimming Benefits During Pregnancy:

It improves:
➡️ Blood circulation
➡️ Breathing
➡️ Muscle tone and joint movements
➡️ Appetite and sleep
➡️ It can be very relaxing
➡️ Help burn calories


Swimming Safety Precautions

➡️ Swimming requires keeping the body straight and avoiding arching the back.
➡️ Alternating between swimming on your front and floating on your back is a wonderful idea.
➡️ Extremely jerky motions should be avoided.
➡️ Breaststroke should be avoided since it might cause soreness in the pubic symphysis.
➡️ Put on goggles.
➡️ The water should be between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius.
➡️ It is recommended to be fully hydrated before entering the pool and to maintain a bottle of water beside the pool and sip from it throughout.


Avoid swimming if you have:

➡️ High blood pressure
➡️ Placental problems
➡️ Pregnancy bleeding
➡️ When the waves have receded.
It is a good idea to see your doctor before beginning to swim.