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How a Laparoscopic Surgeon Can Help You Beat Infertility?

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How a Laparoscopic Surgeon Can Help You Beat Infertility?


If the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedure wasn’t successful, it’s not the end of your child-bearing hopes! You might get assistance from a skilled gynecological laparoscopic surgeon in identifying the numerous other troublesome elements. Be at ease! Since these obstacles are treatable. These variables may be identified and treated by a laparoscopic surgeon during the laparoscopy procedure.  assisting in your ability to have a healthy, happy child. 

So, the issue of whether a laparoscopic surgeon can help you in overcoming infertility is answered in the affirmative. Yet how? Let’s investigate it!



A Laparoscopic Surgeon Can Address Two Factors That Contribute to Infertility.


Endometriosis is one.


Experts claim that endometrial deposits that accumulate outside of the uterus may be a major factor in women’s infertility. This element is known as endometriosis. According to research, 25 to 50% of infertile women experience it. 

The issue may be diagnosed with a minimally invasive surgical laparoscopy performed by a qualified laparoscopic surgeon. This is required since the assessment cannot be completed with only one test.  A laparoscope is used throughout the surgery. To accurately assess your health, a long, thin tube with a camera at one end is placed into the pelvic region. 


Other issues could be seen by your laparoscopic surgeon as well. For instance, bowel and bladder issues, inflammation, scar tissue, or ovarian cysts. In addition to them, it’s important to consider infertility and the possibility of ovarian cancer. These are all serious problems that you cannot ignore. It’s crucial to identify these issues as soon as possible. This makes it even more important for you to speak with a laparoscopic surgeon right away. 


Menstrual cramps, heavier, longer periods, and exhaustion are a few of these symptoms. Your lower back and pelvic area may be particularly painful for you. In addition to these, you can have dizziness,  painful erections, or issues like constipation or diarrhea. 


If there are any all-natural ways to cure endometriosis, you may be curious. The good news is that a  healthy diet might lower the likelihood of the issue. Only a skilled laparoscopic surgeon can establish the likelihood, however. You could be anxious about having surgery. The ideal option is to speak with me in person at my clinic. If you have symptoms like those indicated above, we’ll help you choose the best course of action. 


Blockages of the Fallopian Tubes 


Two thin tubes, one from each side of the uterus, may be seen in a schematic of one. Fallopian tubes are those. They are in charge of moving fully developed eggs from the ovaries to the center of the uterus. 

The tubes can have obstructions. The obstacle prevents the developed egg from traveling any further into the uterus. This results in what we refer to as tubal factor infertility or obstructed fallopian tubes. Why is it necessary to keep in mind? Because every third of women globally has infertility as a result of this circumstance. 


Endometriosis, STD infections, prior miscarriages, and previous ectopic pregnancies are a few reasons of fallopian tube obstruction. Additionally, a history of an appendix rupture or fallopian tube surgery may be the cause.


There aren’t many distinctive symptoms associated with plugged tubes. Such a barrier is often only seen in women who are being diagnosed with infertility. This indicates that the most common cause of infertility is a blocked fallopian tube. 


Here too, a laparoscopic procedure might be beneficial. Additionally, both in terms of the problem’s diagnosis and remedy. For instance, the laparoscopic surgeon may address the obstruction by removing any endometrial deposits or scar tissue that are to blame. 


However, your age and the severity of your ailment can have an impact on how well the therapy works. Additionally, in cases of tubal factor infertility, the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy increases. However, if the therapy is effective, there is still a considerable probability of becoming pregnant. And that’s what counts since the advantages outweigh the drawbacks and the work. 


As your laparoscopic surgeon, I can assist you with this diagnosis and treatment of obstructed fallopian tubes. Think about scheduling an appointment with me at my clinic straight now. I may provide you with information on your desire to have children that you had never thought about. 


The Conclusion 

Other reproductive problems like fibroids and PCOS might also be the cause of your infertility in addition to these two important contributing causes. Treatment for them is doable. Therefore, don’t give up on your desire to conceive and have a kid of your own. Seek the assistance of a qualified and sympathetic gynecological laparoscopic surgeon. I can do that laparoscopic surgery for you if you’d like.