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Low Milk Supply for Breastfeeding: How Can It Be Increased?

Catagory: Gyneacology  Author: Dr E Reshma Reddy

low supply in milk

Do you know that starting early is the greatest method to guarantee a good supply of breast milk? Absolutely, and also make sure your kid is latching on correctly. Breastfeed your child regularly.

Many women struggle to produce a sufficient amount of milk, particularly in the first few weeks of nursing. Find a remedy for this condition by receiving excellent Pregnancy Care Treatment In Punjab.

Most moms are forced to switch to weaning or formula feeding due to difficulties with nursing. If you are experiencing the same problem, ask your doctor about getting some lactation supplements to help you produce more milk for nursing.

What Are The Main Reasons For Women’s Low Milk Production?


There are several reasons why women’s milk supplies are insufficient for nursing. Visit a gynecologist in Tirupati to determine the true cause of a reduced milk supply. 

Common reasons include: 

  • Delays in starting to nurse the newborn after birth. Alternatively, if the mother and child must be separated for the infant to be sent to the special care nursery, for example. Additionally, if the woman becomes ill soon after giving birth.
  • Poor breast attachment may occur for a variety of causes, such as flat or inverted nipples, a baby that is asleep due to jaundice, a tongue or lip tie, or a labour that was extended or painful.
  • A decreased milk supply may also occur if the mother is ill due to problems like retained placental tissues, mastitis, or significant blood loss after childbirth.
  • If the mother has implemented a timed or planned feeding rather than providing the kid with food in response to their request.
  • If the lady is using Estrogen-containing oral contraception.
  • If the mother alternates between nursing and bottle feeding.
  • Offer a supplement formula feed if the woman chooses to forgo breastfeeding. Additionally, you shouldn’t save breast milk at the time to ensure that the supply meets the child’s needs.
  • If the mother has used dummies or a nipple shield for a very long time.
  • If the mother smokes regularly.

How Can Milk Supply Be Increased For Breastfeeding?


These are some general recommendations that may enable you to boost your milk production when nursing.

  • Make sure the infant is securely fastened to the breast and easily extract the milk from the nipple.
  • Be ready to feed your baby more often. At least eight times in a 24-hour period, you would need to nurse on demand, every two to three hours.
  • After some time, you should try to move your infant from one breast to the other. Each breast should be offered at least twice.
  • Make sure you completely empty your breasts throughout each feeding or pumping session. To avoid going more than five hours without milk removal, you may also save your breast milk.